Our Production

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We have different types of production


1) Twill Tape (Herring bone- V shape, W – Shape, N- Shape, M-Shape Etc)
2) Canvas Tape
3) Gross-grain Tape
4) Ric-Race Tape
5) Fancy Tape / Design tape
6)Velvet Tape
7) Chambray Tape etc.

Elastic Project

1) Normal Knit Elastic
2) Adjustable Elastic / Hole  Elastic
3) Woven Elastic
4)  Brush Elastic
5) Fancy Elastic

Draw-Cord & Drawstring Project

1)  Drawstring – Polyester, Cotton with DTM, Multi Color- Round, tube & Flat type Drawstring.

2) Draw-cord – Any Color / DTM or Multicolor with elastic any sizes.

Belt Project

Complete Waist Best (Any  Size, color & Design)